A new look is light, bright, easy to achieve, and inexpensive, when you resurface!

Now there's a cost-effective way to get your surfaces into top shape. Surface Medic can create the results in one or two days that would take others two weeks. Surface Medic makes stained, scratched, chipped, burned, dull or cracked bathtubs, countertops, appliances and kitchen cabinets look like new. Our procedures are fast. Our services are completed at a fraction of the cost of replacement. 
Give your kitchen or bathroom a second life with Surface Medic. Surface Medic is geared to provide on site surface restoration on bathtubs, counters and our latest service includes resurfacing kitchen cabinets to rid your kitchen of outdated colors while not having to tear apart the whole kitchen! Avoid the cost, mess and hassle of replacements.

Why live
with this...


When you can
have THIS...


Surface Medic also provides a spot repair service to get rid of those unsightly counter burns or bathtub chips.

Always remember the 3 R's...